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Product description

The Original Bar-B-Kube® is an amazing new grilling tool that instantly converts your gas or electric grill into a high-powered smoker. Just add flavorful chips, or pellets, from among fifteen varieties of Class A woods and herbs, to produce your desired aromas. Plus the Bar-B-Kube® “moisturizer” will help keep your grilled meats, and other foods, moist and tender!

The Bar-B-Kube is a revolutionary accessory for the serious backyard gas grilling enthusiest. Now you can get the robust flavor of a wood burning grill right in your gas grill cooker.

There are very few portable, aftermarket smokers available, and they are either very cheap (under $10) and unmanageable … or very expensive (over $60), and unmanageable. Competing units are a challenge to ignite, and more difficult to keep from flaring-up during use. Even fewer can help convert your gas or electric grill into a full blown smoker.


Product highlights

  • High quality, durable, Stainless Steel barbecue accessory
  • Generates an abundance of smoke
  • Convenient, easy to use barbecue accessory
  • Portable, works with all grills
  • Sturdy latches to attach lid and bowl
  • Removable lid, and flexible handle
  • Moisturizer to help keep foods “juicy”
  • Maneuverable, and Manageable during cooking
  • Reduce, and easily control, “Flare-ups”
  • Minimizes ash and embers on cooked foods
  • Easy to clean barbecue accessory…just wash occasionally with soap and water

Features the key

Produces Copious Amounts of Flavorful Smoke

Produces Copious Amounts of Flavorful Smoke

No other barbecue accessory delivers quite like the Original Bar-B-Kube. The unique patented design gives the grill master complete control over the bountiful levels of rich flavorful smoke.

Built In Safety Features

Built In Safety Features

Collapsable handle is designed to dissipate heat making the maneuvering of the Bar-B-Kube a breeze. While we insist that you use oven mitts or some other protective wear when handling open flames, this design, along with the easy to open safety latches makes this unique design a trustworthy tool for your grilling needs.

Active Moisturizer For Flavor Injection

Active Moisturizer For Flavor Injection

The removable moisturizing capsule provides valuable steaming qualities that allow water molecules to absorb the smoke flavor which then permeates the meats on your grill. This unique feature is found in similar products and truly makes the Bar-B-Kube a cut above the rest.

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