Convert Your Gas Grill Into A Smoker!

A Grilling Revolution!

The Original Bar-B-Kube® is an amazing new grilling tool that instantly converts your gas or electric grill into a high-powered smoker. Just add flavorful chips, or pellets, from among fifteen varieties of Class A woods and herbs, to produce your desired aromas. Plus the Bar-B-Kube® “moisturizer” will help keep your grilled meats, and other foods, moist and tender!

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 The Bar-B-Kube

“Get the unmistakable, aromatic flavors of a wood burning smoker… without the hassle… on your own, backyard gas grill!!!” Barbecue Monthly proclaims, “The most Innovative and practical grilling accessory this year” Find out what the rave is all about…order your Bar-B-Kube Today!


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Phil Grills with Bar-B-KubePhil Comments on Bar-B-Kube

“My Grill Skill Just Got Better!

Thanks Bar-B-Kube!”

The Original Bar-B-Kube® is helping guys, like Phil… grill with skill.
Turn your gas, or electric grill into a heavy duty smoker, to create rich,
flavorful steaks and burgers that previously required “old style” charcoal
burning units. Bar-B-Kube® will moisten, and infuse flavors into your
grilled foods that you have to… “taste to believe”!!!

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The Bar-B-Kube Converts Gas Grills Into Full Blown Smokers!

Not Just Your Average Kube

The Bar-B-Kube is a revolutionary accessory for the serious backyard gas grilling enthusiest. Now you can get the robust flavor of a wood burning grill right in your gas grill cooker.

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An Affordable Way To Convert Your Gas Grill Into A Smoker!

Affordable, Durable, Just Plain Awesome!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your avid outdoor chef, or if you have a hankerin for some tasty, Texas Style smoked barbecue, then Bar-B-Kube® is the tool for you. Gas grilling experts agree, “The Bar-B-Kube® is, hands-down, the best product on the market for outdoor grilling!” Order Yours Today!
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Flavored Wood Chips & Pellets


Use Gas Grill Without Losing That Texas Barbecue Smoked Flavoring!

Texas Style Barbecue Made Easy!

It’s simple, clean, and fun to use. And, you don’t have to be a “TEXAN” to own a Bar-B-Kube®…but, you’ll sure brag like one once you do!!!

And, you Gals… don’t let that man of yours take all the credit… and you know he’ll try!!!

So Order Your Own Today!

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Yes, real men play with fire…

pretty grills…

and smoke… with Bar-B-Kube®

The Revolutionary Grilling Tool!

Convert Your Gas Grill Into A Smoker With The Original Bar-B-Kube® The Bar-B-Kube® takes all of the best of wood burning smokers, and brings it home to you. Enjoy the most flavorful, succulent barbecue cooked on your own, backyard gas grill.

There are very few portable, aftermarket smokers available, and they are either very cheap (under $10) and unmanageable … or very expensive (over $60), and unmanageable. Competing units are a challenge to ignite, and more difficult to keep from flaring-up during use. Even fewer can help convert your gas or electric grill into a full blown smoker.

Not so with the patent-pending Bar-B-Kube®. Packed with features this smoke-filled wonder is:

  • High quality, durable, Stainless Steel barbecue accessory
  • Generates an abundance of smoke
  • Convenient, easy to use barbecue accessory
  • Portable, works with all grills
  • Sturdy latches to attach lid and bowl
  • Removable lid, and flexible handle
  • Moisturizer to help keep foods “juicy”
  • Maneuverable, and Manageable during cooking
  • Reduce, and easily control, “Flare-ups”
  • Minimizes ash and embers on cooked foods
  • Easy to clean barbecue accessory…just wash occasionally with soap and water

Enjoy the unmistakable flavor of “Texas-style Bar-B-Que. The Original Bar-B-Kube® generates an abundance of rich, tasty, aromatic, wood smoke to your delight…again, and again!!!

What Are You Missing Out On?

If you are cooking on a gas grill or electric grill you are missing the distinctive aromatic smell, and taste of “real wood” smoke, that cannot be duplicated on standard gas, propane, and electric units. Without our BBK, foods cooked on gas and propane grills simply cannot compete with those cooked on a standard wood or charcoal bar-b-que pit. This product will convert any gas grill into a smoker and any electric grill into a smoker!

What Are Our Customers Saying?

We love our Bar-B-Kube, it is a part of every football game we watch! We always fire up the grill and have friends over and get compliments on the flavor. One thing we love is trying out the different flavored woods. Martin, Mesquite, TX.

Good stuff. Good Flavor…Good Price…Thanks. Joe Jackson, Jacksonville, FL.

This product is simple to use and easy to clean. I thought the instruction manual would have been a mile long, but it was really simple. I grilled steaks for my husband this week and he loved them! -Erin, Pasadena, TX.

We love our Bar-B-Kube, it is a part of every football game we watch! We always fire up the grill and have friends over and get compliments on the flavor. One thing we love is trying out the different flavored woods. Martin, Mesquite, TX.

I was looking for a good way to spend the weekend q’ing with my friends but the bland flavor of just a gas grill did not do it for me, or my friends. We tried building our own smoker….disaster, then we found the Bar-B-Kube and it has been a dream! Richard, Pearland TX

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