Our story

We are Lone Star SmokeWorks, LLC, a group of old friends, all “born ‘n raised” Texans, who enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining with our kids, grandkids, and acquaintances.  We also relish taste of succulent, smoke-infused Southern Bar-B-Que.Frankly speaking, we got fed up with the idea of spending a grand, or more, for fancy gas grills that can’t smoke its way out of a wet paper bag.   So, we designed, obtained patent rights for, and now manufacture, the original Bar B Kube® (“BBK”), a portable, easy-to-use wood smoker-moisturizer for outdoor grills of all kinds, brands, and sizes.  Bar B Kube® especially effective on grills those fueled by natural gas and propane.  And, we are pretty darn proud of it…because it works…and it may just last forever!!!

Get More From Your Gas Grill

Get more than ever before from your gas grill this season with BBKube!