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How To Use Bar-B-Kube

Step 1 – Preparation

Based on our research, for maximum efficiency, and effectiveness, we recommend the user take a few minutes to prepare the Bar-B-Kube® and contents prior to initiating cooking activity, as follows:

  1. Wood chips and pellets are available in a variety of “flavors”, and are the fuel of choice by most consumers. Chips tend to produce greater smoke, and burn longer, when soaked in water prior to use. Generally, 30-60 minutes soaking is sufficient. Pellets are condensed and compressed wood fiber, and contain food grade waxes which tend to retard water absorption. Pellet manufacturers say soaking their product is uneccesary.
  2. Some users also add shards of charcoal and other herbs to the Bar-B-Kube® contents to enhance the smoke volume and aroma.
  3. Fire starters provide the user a “kick-start” to the cooking process. The dry product is pliable, nontoxic, odorless, and was created specifically for outdoor barbecuing. In addition, some users may choose a liquid “charcoal lighter”, such as Kingsford’s odorless version. The liquid version is acceptable, but for safety reasons, we prefer, and recommend, the dry, nontoxic version.

Step 2 – Activation

 NOTE: Your goal is to produce smoke, without the fire. Fire reduces smoke emission. However, a hearty fire, for a short period of time in the beginning accelerates the combustion process, turning dry, or damp, wood into “smoldering embers”, that produce smoke, in abundance…without the fire. Gently stirring and blowing on the contents during combustion will help ignite, even out, and increase the burning embers.
  1. Remove lid to the Bar-B-Kube®, break-off several small pieces of the fire starter, and place them evenly on the floor of the BBK bowl. Then, ignite the fire starter, allow it burn for 3-5 minutes. Next, gently place sufficient wood chips, or pellets, and charcoal shards, if desired, over the burning fire starter, being careful NOT to extinguish the fire. Allow the wood contents to catch fire, and burn heartily for several minutes. Be patient…don’t panic, this will take a little while. Remember, you want smoldering, smoking embers!!!
  1. (Optional) Fill the Moisturizer approximately three-fourths full with water, or other desired liquid, and/or dry seasonings. Using a metal “stir stick” (we use a screwdriver) clear an area in the center of the Bar-B-Kube®, and insert the Moisturizer into that area, so that when the lid is placed on top, the one-half inch hole in the center of the BBK aligns with the half inch hole on the Moisturizer lid. It should also sit flat on the floor of the Bar-B-Kube® bowl for maximum heat transfer. If desired, user may choose to place Moisturizer outside the BBK, elsewhere on the grill surface.
 NOTE: The Moisturizer serves dual functions. Once heated, the liquids, in water vapor, will mix with smoke, then released into the grill to (A) flavor and moisten the foods and prevent excessive “drying”, and (B)retain a small amount of vapor inside the Bar-B-Kube®, to retard “flare-ups” during the cooking process.
  1. Once the smoldering embers begin to emit sufficient smoke, your Bar-B-Kube® is working as designed, and you may initiate the cooking process. Replace and secure lid (optional), and reposition the inside the grill in a desirable location on the grill surface.
 NOTE:  To infuse even stronger flavors, many users choose the Bar-B-Kube® to “smoke” their foods in a closed, unlit, or low temp grill setting for a period of time before initiating the cooking process. If you choose to do so, please use caution to thoroughly cook your foods at a sufficient temperature to destroy any harmful bacteria that might be present.

Step 3 – The Cooking Process

  1. Activate grill, and ignite the gas burners. Heat generated by the burners accelerate combustion within the Bar-B-Kube®
  1. The user may replenish water in the Moisturizer, and/or wood chips and pellets in the Bar-B-Kube® unit to his/her satisfaction. But, other than that, there is very little to be done…with one exception FLARE-UPS!!!;
 NOTE:  There is a very thin line between “fire” and “smoke”. Maximum smoke is generated along that line. When the Bar-B-Kube® heat, contents and oxygen levels reach a certain peak, the smoldering embers can quickly erupt into a blazing fire, referred to as a “flare-up”. If not managed properly, a flare-up can result in burned, or dry, over-cooked foods.
  1. To manage smoke production, and extinguish flare-ups, we recommend keeping a pump-spray bottle nearby filled with water. Then, if you experience a flare-up…DO NOT PANIC!!! Use your trusty “extinguisher” to spray, or mist, an adequate, but not excessive,amount of water over the Bar-B-Kube® to eliminate the fire, and allow it to resume smoke production. Too much water will quickly extinguish both the fire…and the smoldering embers… THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!
 NOTE:  With a little experience, observant users find their handy spray bottle the BEST TOOL for managing smoke production. An occasional “misting” (not spraying) over the Bar-B-Kube® lid and side vent holes, while cooking, can actually increase smoke, while reducing the risk of flare-ups.
  1. Properly managed, the Bar-B-Kube®, filled to approximately 50% volume of wood chips, or one-third to one-half cup of wood pellets, and /or other combustible materials, will produce sufficient smoke to easily complete the average cooking process; 1.0 to 1.5 hours. More, or less, materials may be used based on the foods being cooked, grill temperature, and the cooking style, and the user’s desired objectives.

A Brief History of Barbecue

A Brief History of the World (of Barbecue)

Since the dawn of civilization, some 10,000 or so years ago, the art of “outdoor cooking” changed very little from its primitive beginnings. It wasn’t until the mid 1950’s, when Weber introduced their “bowl and lid” style barbecue pit, that a new industry was born. This simple invention allowed the average consumer significant control over the cooking process, and ushered in a myriad of charcoal-burning cookers over the remaining half century.

barbecue accessory- Bar-B-KubeThe next, equally radical industry “shift”, was the introduction of propane and natural gas fueled grills for household use, to compete with the traditional charcoal-burners. Consumers quickly discovered the new units eliminated “cold spots”, burned cleaner and more efficiently, were easier to maintain, and lasted far longer than their charcoal-burning counterparts.

Barbecue Chips and Pellets

More recently the growth in “flavored” wood chips, and wood pellets, used to smoke foods, have followed a similar, dramatic trend. The traditional favorites, Hickory flavored barbecue and Mesquite barbecue, have expanded to include many new aromatic woods such as, Apple barbecue flavor, Cherry barbecue flavor, Pecan barbecue flavor, Mulberry barbecue flavor and Orange barbecue flavor…even Oak charcoal from whiskey distilleries, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam, and other natural, aromatic herbal combinations have joined the family of “flavored” woods. When burned, each releases its own, unique aromatic smoke, to flavor the food while cooking.

For an interesting article on BBQ check this TIME Magizine article.

Charcoal vs. Gas Trade Off

The shift towards the use of gas, and away from charcoal, is unmistakable…and is growing exponentially. But, the pattern has fueled a monumental dilemma. Foods cooked over wood and charcoal briquettes, elicit an unmistakable, rich, smoky flavor that consumers desire…even crave… but is not replicated in standard gas and electric grills.

So, although, backyard grilling enthusiasts have enthusiastically embraced the new technology, they soon discover the “trade off” for cleanliness and efficiency…is the loss of flavor.

Why Bar-B-Kube?

Our high quality, stainless steel, Bar-B-Kube® converts any size, or style, gas, electric, or charcoal grill into a “smoker-moisturizer”. Its compact size, and “footprint” (about the size of a medium hamburger patty) generates an abundance of flavorful, wood smoke, and water vapor (to moisturize foods), as well as other desirable aromas. And, it’s unique shape, and ventilation, provides for optimal smoke production and control, and reduced “flare-ups”

Bar-B-Kube® – Primary Unit

The basic, two-part unit, consisting of bowl and lid, is constructed of 0.5mm stainless steel, with dimensions approximately 6”x4.25”x2.25”. Latches on both sides of the bowl easily secure the two parts, if desired. Thirty, 0.25” ventilation holes located on the lid and bowl walls are designed to maximize smoke production. A larger 0.50” hole at one end of the bowl is useful in igniting, and/or reigniting, the smoke-producing materials.

A handle is built into the bowl, for maneuverability during the cooking process, and for ease in cleaning. It is hinged, and may be conveniently folded over the fastened lid for storage, or detached from the base, if preferred.

Moisturizer – Optional

A three ounce, stainless steel container, with perforated lid, is included with each Bar-B-Kube®. The water vapor it produces helps keep foods from excessive drying during cooking. Furthermore, it was designed to allow a small amount of moisture to remain captive inside the Bar-B-Kube® to help reduce “flare-ups”. Use of the Moisturizer is optional, and it may be inserted into the bowl or, placed on the grill separate from the Bar-B-Kube®, depending upon the user’s desired effect.


When used, and managed, properly, the Bar-B-Kube® will produce an abundance of aromatic smoke for use in the outdoor cooking process. And, when used in combination with the Moisturizer, the unit can reduce the normal “drying” making the process more manageable, and the Bar-B-Kube®, more effective.

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